Guinea Consolidation Mining Group Sarl is a mineral exploitation and extraction company located in the Republic of Guinea with 20 years of experience also evolving in the field of transit by road, sea and air which has one of the most important import and export fields. By fully exploiting the potential of its mineral reserves, Guinea Consolidation Mining Group aims to become one of the largest producers of minerals in the world.

She is responsible for:
• exploitation
• gold and diamond mining
• The sale
• Transit

We have also been involved in the export of gold, diamonds and all minerals to knowledgeable and dedicated buyers ready to buy our product. The company has limited active responsibility. We are here to serve buyers who buy gold and diamond.

The company has a huge success in supplying gold bullion and diamonds that we also explore around the world according to the needs of its customers.

Exploitation, extraction and importation of minerals are entrusted to a team of specialists grouped under the name of the company. This team offers a wide range of extraction and extraction services, including feasibility studies.

Guinea Consolidation Mining has experiences that can export anywhere in the world, in any environment and on a wide range of types of raw materials and deposits.

Our partners are very familiar with international reporting standards and are therefore able to meet them from start to finish, minimizing costly delays and the need for work when producing resource evaluation studies.

As part of its programs, continues to adopt a results-based approach with a phased approach, which includes all objectives. This helps to define important milestones and key decision points which optimize the discovery of new deposits while respecting established budgets.

With all the experience and competence, our company has a perfect control of the customs formalities which guarantees you the speed and the efficiency of the operations as much for the import as for the export of any category of goods.

Because we are evolving in line with new market requirements and the latest customs clearance processes.

The dedication, the seriousness, the respect and the professionalism are the keys of success of Guinea Consolidation Mining Group Sarl and consequently to develop partnerships with several Guinean and international companies working in all fields and sectors of activities.

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